Kingsley 1945 released the Type IV Half-Pounder

Caseback of the Kingsley 1945 "Half-Pounder" in steel with bronze pvd plating   $1,200

Caseback of the Kingsley 1945 "Half-Pounder" in steel with bronze pvd plating 


One of the best parts of being aligned with a watch company like Kingsley 1945 is that we have the freedom to produce whatever we want! Since none of this could be possible without our loyal and passionate following on the ground, we wanted to honor them!

Alot of our clients are bigger dudes with mits for hands and stumps for wrists. So, to give them our salute and accommodate them we came out with a NEW case called the Type IV Half-Pounder inspired by a WWII hand grenade. This watch literally weighs half a pound! It's a massive hunk of metal attached to a leather from a vintage bomber jacket. This leather has been recut and branded with our companies identity.

Like our Type 1, the new "Half-Pounder" is 46mm in case diameter without the crown guard and between 50-55mm with the crown guard. What makes it even hunkier is the weighty and well designed case back which features a very cool WW2 Style 50 Caliber BMG Bullet Headstamp design built into. The beefier bezel also adds weight and makes it one thick sucker! To be accurate the NEW Kingsley 1945 Type IV Half-Pounder weighs over an ounce more than our Type 1 models!  

At the moment this watch is only available with a super reliable Swiss Quartz ETA movement. Personally, I optioned to have my seconds hand removed and that way I don't even consider what the movement is. I would do the same even if it was mechanical or automatic. If you ordered one you can request to have the seconds hand removed as well.  It's cleaner that way but it may not be everyones pint of beer! Don't worry we are working on a self winding version ,so stay tuned for that! 

This watch is available in four different varieties of stainless steel case with a steel black pvd bezel with black Arabic dial and a steel with bronze finish with black Cali dial for $1,200, as well as all copper case with blue Arabic dial or black steel with copper crown guard and bezel with blue Cali dial for $1,300. You can check out the entire Kingsley 1945 "Half Pounder " collection, here . Once you have decided on something you like, please contact me HERE to order yours today!